Type Top cover (頂部)   Total Weight Pull per 1% Working  Minimum pulley Max production Antistatic Conveyor frame (輸送模式) Coefficient of friction on Type
(型號) Material Thickness Surface Color No of plies thickness (重量) (拉力) temperature diameter width (抗靜電) Horizontal Slider Trough smooth stainless steel (型號)
  (材質) 厚度(mm) (花紋) (顏色) (PLY數) 總厚度(mm) (Kg/M2) (daN/cm) 工作溫度(℃) 最小輪徑(mm) 最大生產寬度(mm)   rollers(水平輪) bed(平板) idlers(槽型) (摩擦係數)  
SW081714 Silicone 0.2 shiny white 2 1.7 1.7 8 -30 ~ +100℃ 50 2000 Yes Yes Yes No 0.2 SW081714