Mechanical fastening system

The ELATECH EMF-mechanical fastening system is widely used for various transport means of its low cost, and can be used with the EMF installation equipment design principles.


  • EMF has no exposed metal parts, so there is no metal-to-pulley contact operation is very quiet, and does not like metal mechanical fastening system as damage to the product being sent.
  • EMF requirements and drive pulley, requirements are very low, so you can back bending idler. The drive with a special backing (such as: Linatex, Supergrip, PVC, Fishbone) is highly desirable part. EMF with closely similar design eliminates the gap. Valid in conjunction with tooth belts, quick installation, save time and cost.
  • EMF installation only takes a few seconds for transport products with timing belt installation is the quickest way. Does not require time-consuming welding work in the field. It is easy to install, without the need for bulky and expensive on-site welding equipment. He can be customized according to the strength of demand for applications. The EMF can reach the same intensity as with conventional welding methods.
  • It has a variety of pitch size version is an integral part of the user's transmission applications.